The space high above Earth may seem empty, but it’s a carnival packed with magnetic field lines and high-energy particles. This region is known as the magnetosphere and, every day, charged particles put on a show as they dart and dive through it. Like tiny tightrope walkers, the high-energy electrons follow the magnetic field lines. Sometimes, such as during an event called magnetic reconnection where the lines explosively collide, the particles are shot off their trajectories, as if they were fired from a cannon.

Since these acts can’t be seen by the naked eye, NASA uses specially designed instruments to capture the show. The Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission, or MMS, is one such looking glass through which scientists can observe the invisible magnetic forces and pirouetting particles that can impact our technology on Earth. New research uses MMS data to improve understanding of how electrons move through this complex region — information that will help untangle how such particle acrobatics affect Earth.

Electrons follow magnetic field lines. Your state of consciousness dictates which energy you are tuning into.

Knowledge is power.

It is relevant for us to know that “high-energy electrons follow the magnetic field lines” for this is law of attraction evidenced at the physical level. And I intuit that magnetic fields are the lowest level of soul or collective energy, while electrons/electrical fields are at the level of body or structured energy.

As we align with soul energy, to the degree that we are in tune with collective consciousness, magnetic energies influence us more than simply electrical energies do.

Soul patterns of energy serve as the template for our physical body. And at “each turn of the spiral” into higher and higher spheres of consciousness and existence, these patterns have effects on all bodily or structural layers…structures of bodies, of organizations, of governments, of culture, of society, of civilization…and then on into spiritual structures. Energy does shape matter. Your state of consciousness dictates which energy you are tuning into.

Valerie Varan, LPC