When we think of Quantum Physics we realize that science has brought us to the door of non physical reality where we cannot enter through the tools of measurement and experimental verification.


 It’s all about ENERGY.
 Energy is Everywhere.
 Small makes a big impact
 How tiny bits of matter interact with the fundamental forces of nature.
 Energy, frequency, and vibration.

Energy, frequency, and vibration shape our world and the universe alike. Energy runs our existence and a lot of the time we don’t even think about it. It is important that we start to recognize how powerful we truly are and the fact that our thoughts, emotions, and feelings have a direct impact on how we perceive reality.

The synchronicity of the universe is determined by certain mathematical constants which express themselves in the form of ‘patterns’ and ‘cycles’ in nature.
Our ancestors lived a very different life than us. They lived with the cycles of the seasons and were in tune with their surroundings.

Throughout history, people were naturally absorbing the earth’s energy. Today we are totally disconnected by spending most of our days indoors which contribute to fatigue, pain and poor sleep, which is so common in our world.

Disturbing our connection with this natural frequency, through interference with man-made radiation can have devastating effects on our human bioenergies. This adversely affects our immune system.
Many are now realizing that the wide spectrum of artificial man-made EMF radiation is interfering with our connection to the natural beneficial frequency of the Earth. Electropollution masks it. EMF frequencies act like “noise” to disturb our connection with it just like “static” on a signal. Resulting EMF stress may cause us to feel more stressed, fatigued and “out of balance.

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Quantum mechanics the most fundamental laws in the universe, describes how everything in the universe works.