All motion is expressed in waves. The wave therefore, has an inter-dependent sensed physical AND an unsensed metaphysical aspect to its construction. The unsensed properties of the E/W expression bring the sensed N/S expression into being. Each aspect needs the other to express themselves as one whole unit of Creation. There is therefore a portion of the wave function which you Know (E/W) rather than sense (N/S). That inner knowledge can only come from deep meditation and contemplation of the principles of this cosmology. You cannot conceive any thought that has not already been thought of by Mind. The degree to which you can think inspirational thoughts is dependent on the development of your connection to Source itself. Your body expresses itself as effect, but the cause of the motion lies with your metaphysical self.

Imagine, playing the notes of a piece of music without any real feeling. Those sounds will appear stagnant and cold. But, if the musician connects with his inner knowing and plays the same piece with feeling and love, then the audience will feel ‘source’ in his playing. They will feel inspired, and their own inner knowing will benefit as a result.

The Creation Idea, concepts, properties, and characteristics which belong to Source ; are NEVER created or divided, they just appear to be divided.

Those concepts belong to the universe of Rest. An illusion (N/S) of what those concepts are is created by Mind, through the processing of ‘thinking’. Thinking is electric, and the effect (fig : 1b) is polarised expression. Polarisation implies division into N/S character.

The real universe is at Rest. We belong to that universe. The universe we believe is real is an illusionary universe, a universe of motion only. Our sensing selves can only respond to motion (N/S), and so our task is to realise that the ‘out there’ universe is only a moving image and that the real universe of rest (E/W) lie within every expression of motion.

Every expression of motion is extend from a fulcrum of rest. That fulcrum centers and balances all motion. That fulcrum is the cause of motion.

Your mind is your direct interface with Cosmic Mind, the universe of Rest and all Cause. Your body interfaces with motion only.  It is entirely stimulated by effect. Your mind though, can determine how your body engages with those external stimuli. As you develop your mind, you do so in a manner akin to tuning a receiver. Your level of Knowing determines what information you can download from infinite possibility. All knowledge is available to you, you are responsible for your own tuning !


When Mind wishes to express an Idea, that Thought Form is made to appear as a physical moving image due to an apparent division of the Idea into two opposed aspects of the same Idea. Our sensing has been ESPECIALLY designed to be stimulated by such an apparent disturbance. Our physical reality appears as an electrical disturbance which manifests between a static and a dynamic equator. Imagine, when Mind desires to express an Idea, this Idea is initiated as if the impact of a Cosmic Stone occurred at the (0,0,0) central hub. WR describes this event as compression (CAUSE) of the expanded Idea within the 2D (x/z plane) which produces an effect (3D) along the y-axis/plane. The 2D plane is thus described as the static plane of expanded Thought-pattern. When the y-axis/plane comes into manifest, this 3D aspect to the wave field facilitates a dynamic moving image within the
wave field container.
The geometry of a Thinking Mind. The desire to express is marked out harmonically within the 2D static plane AND then within the 3D dynamic plane (y-axis/plane). On the ‘Source- page’  I indicated how Mind appears to divide all Creative Ideas into two forms, an expanded and compressed aspect.


Walter Russell – Wave